Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony on Capitol Hill proves once and for all that there is such thing as a stupid question.

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  • Shayne O'Neill 2 days ago

    Actually Orin Hatch was onto something thats kinda DUH obvious, but we'd all do well remembering, including here. Nothing is free. Either your paying or someone else is. And if your not paying, that means your the product. He just needed to push that line of thinking a liiiitle bit further

  • heybaby whatsyourname 2 days ago

    fuck facebook

  • Jennifer Webb 2 days ago

    Zuckerberg looks like a modern day Charles II of Spain. dude gives me the creeps, always has

  • Tawsif Islam 2 days ago

    so why isn't Cambridge analytica being charged?

  • Eddy Razor 2 days ago


  • pappy&beers 2 days ago

    Simple solution: Get rid of your 'smartphones' & computers…

  • Dat Name 2 days ago

    Downvoted for Mark Suckerberg aka the LIAR.

  • John Nycto 2 days ago

    It's time to take out my Amishbook and spread it out on a log.

  • John Nycto 2 days ago

    Darnold Stump was eleculated to Oral Orifice.

  • Bill Scheid Drums 2 days ago

    lol roasts someone for mispronouncing his last name…. does the same thing 2 seconds later. "Zuckerbird"

  • jack johnson 2 days ago

    this guy is such a douchebag

  • Prototype787 2 days ago

    THE Z U C C.

  • Gork Skoal 2 days ago

    And it's not news that what we like or say or what ever is how FacePlant stays around. This is mostly a bunch of mad people saying eek eek–what a KGB dude is a giant jerk? DO SOMTHING (because that's what people do?) . So now the government is pointing fingers (that's what it does? oO) . And at the root of all this the dudes is the 2016 election mess

  • Marx Dent 2 days ago

    So, ask Cambridge Analitica the questions he can't answer

  • SkinnydieseljeanS 2 days ago

    Z U C C

  • Jackson BigBoy 2 days ago

    Honeslty what ever you put on the internet is going to be on the internet and that’s your responsibility. This man has been so good about it, and really doesn’t deserve this much shit

  • Fran Tackle 2 days ago

    Funny story wake up money is making use look like idiots and magnetic propulsion is the future of all energy when used in the correct manner

  • ButterscotchBanana 2 days ago

    Zuckerbot confirmed 1:03

  • Esmeralda Castro 2 days ago

    Facebook’s stock and all that went down once this whole fiasco started, but now that it has become clear that the senate is not much of a threat everything has gone back to normal/better now that it seems facebook is even more invincible

  • YoImHusky 2 days ago


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