Don’t touch the glass! Kids love animals so much they like to get up close and personal…but so do the tigers!

Zoo Kids | Funny Kids and Animals Compilation


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happy wheels 2 demo


  • madalyncody 1 week ago

    Horse ride anyone

  • madalyncody 1 week ago

    Lets rides a horse

  • Franchu Mir 1 week ago

    0:33 Either the kid is too big, or the carriage too small. Looks weird

  • Katie Mitchell 1 week ago

    We love this video we submitted a video also! It is called the best dancer goes to this kid! )hope you can see it❤️😘

  • yossieven 1 week ago

    actually this video shows us how stupid humans are…

  • Lps Alyssa 1 week ago

    1:47 if you look at the girl at the right with the dress…I have that same dress!

  • FunnyGoog 1 week ago

    1:56 his shirt LOL

  • Lightning The Dragon 1 week ago

    Monkey walks away

  • Esmeralda Lopez 1 week ago

    5:28 how come you're with the humans

  • bazrazin1 1 week ago

    how strong is that glass.

  • إسطوانة مكرونة 1 week ago

    🕵👌🕸🍃 Love allah

  • Rica Marquez 1 week ago


  • Mojalistic 1 week ago

    +1 sub <3

  • Presión 1 week ago

    free animals, fukin humans…

  • Oussama BG 1 week ago

    Tha's Sooo Cute !!

  • Samuel Shoemaker 1 week ago

    Omg puppy!!!

  • Bk Jeong 1 week ago

    Omg the California condor one

  • Powerranger6342 1 week ago

    Being a zoo volunteer, I'm pretty familiar with animal behavior. From what I can see, the animals near the glass are actually investigating the people that are looking at them and interacting with what they are seeing. Because they are aware that humans feed them, the animals that run up to the kids don't see the kids as a meal, but as someone that they can scare and show who is boss. I am not a zookeeper, but I do a lot of research on animal behavior to help improve my knowledge about animals.

  • Powerranger6342 1 week ago

    I know that Polar Bear at 2:06. His name is Kali (pronounced "Cully") and he was the subject of a children's book that told about his rescue after being orphaned as a cub. He is a very playful and smart polar bear who is often seen playing with his enrichments in his two pools and foraging for his food like he would be doing in the wild.

  • Alexandre Hermano 1 week ago

    Zoos are horrible

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