“Don’t miss our bloopers compilation of the some of the funniest behind the scenes moments from Hugh Jackman Movies including Wolverine, X-Men, Van Hesling, Pan, Real Steel, Butter, Night at The Museum: Secret of the Tomb.

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  • Huzaifa Khan 9 months ago

    "Wolverine where are u now!!" ded

  • NoraLouise 9 months ago

    When they make a new Wolverine (if they do) I don't think I'll be able to watch it :(
    It just wont be the same…

  • CreeperJ44 9 months ago

    That last Blooper was priceless. "He is doing his Wolverine thing" I can't stop laughing!

  • Planet Of the Games 9 months ago

    we love you Hugh

  • Jeffrey Dsouza 9 months ago

    4:11 what's that video called ? hughackman one I wanna see the whole video

  • Johnny Walker 9 months ago

    wolverine , where are you now ??? hahaha

  • Giggi Widit 9 months ago

    And this is why we love you Hugh =D

  • Tinglebros -BL 9 months ago

    3:16 best scene

  • Fay Samuel 9 months ago

    Halle Berry's reaction was priceless…lucky cow…

  • Bigsid320 9 months ago

    Great guy!

  • Dajiejie Ajpw 9 months ago

    What wolverine is a king

  • David Bryant 9 months ago

    Man did he mess up more in Van Helsing than he did in his career haha

  • Brooke Chapman 9 months ago

    that's so adorable

  • Lady Romana 9 months ago

    Halle Berry 😂♥

  • Carl Sagan 9 months ago

    The Real Steel scene where he threw the backpack clean through the truck and where Halley Berry (I think I spelled that wrong) were my favorites.

  • james sutton 9 months ago

    I absolutely love Hugh Jackman. Very talented in all I've seen him play. He and his wife Debb are adorable with their two beautoful children. ENJOY life to the fullest JACKMANS!! LOVE, NELLA FAY. NJ 07734

  • Walter Stagaman 9 months ago

    This is X-Men origins isn't it?

  • wolfie lex 9 months ago

    he so damn fine like damn boy..!

  • Pitchaxistheorem 9 months ago

    Thank you Hugh Jackman. I grew up watching your movies. 😀

  • AwesomeTester55 9 months ago

    What movies are these

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