Back in April 2006 something happened that changed comedy and culture forever. I’ve back tracked the SJW madness to a specific moment that changed all of comedy. We were warned in a speech from Kyle on the cartoon South Park. All or nothing. We didn’t listen. I go off on some fun tangents, some serious ones, play a funny clip where I quickly made friends with some Indians, good times. Thanks for all the support! Become a patreon member and hear some great convos with my mom. If not and you still wanna help out just share it or subscribe to my youtube or iTunes channels. Much love!
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  • Kyle Browning 9 months ago

    Owen U R spot on about all this. Comedy is ruined the moment we give extra privileges to ppl to be immune from being joked about.

  • Cody Avant 9 months ago

    You do hit the YouTube algorithm because YouTube has become a silk slipper

  • Gingy Burticus 9 months ago

    Mormon here, can confirm we are the nicest

  • seanboi 89 9 months ago

    Just found this podcast been binging all day , spot on on a lot of points

  • John Liberty 9 months ago

    So glad you are frequently on LWC  it makes my subscription to CRTV worth it… #MugClub

  • A. PINOCHET 9 months ago

    My mother would NOT be a safe bet for youtube, so props to yo ma..

  • Connor Rothbard 9 months ago

    I believe the book you were looking for Influence by Robert Cialdini. Does that sound right?

  • Jon VC 9 months ago

    I'm glad you're out there doing what you do… I recently felt a stand up routine brewing inside me, but I think you're hitting a lot of the same notes as I would. It's a relief because being a pharmacist and an aspiring novelist is taking up my free time already. Coincidentally, I just graduated from Creighton. Ever make it back to Nebraska?

  • Dr. Manhattan 9 months ago

    Why are you sitting in an optical illusion?

  • kristian krejberg 9 months ago

    when r u coming to copenhagen?

  • kristian krejberg 9 months ago

    U r GREAT, love ur sayings

  • kristian krejberg 9 months ago

    hey, on rogan u said ur piano teacher was a man and went woman!!!!!!!

  • Слободан Суботић 9 months ago

    45:51 I would like to know the source of this information? Because you say that Fidel Castro raped in average 2 women per day for 40 years. Not having sex, but rape. Is that even possible? The propaganda in USA has a history of demonizing people they don't like. Like killings of babies in incubators in Iraq. Maybe, just maybe, you Americans need to be more skeptical about thing you hear there.

  • dylectric 9 months ago

    Man, I love what you're doing. Why aren't there more of us?

  • Marty McSuperFly! 9 months ago

    "… petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult.” Same old, same old.
    My Kingdom for a comic with balls to the WALL that marks your last sorry days Folkspeople. Islam is your problem? Holy shit. Count the number of Senators and Congressmen that have dual U.S.- Israeli citizenship. U.S.-Irish? U.S.- Mexican? U.S.-French? Canadian? Pshaw! Not a one. And THAT´S why your country is a shitstain. Go Dodgers! It´s in their Prophecy. Castro was above all: a Jesuit. You don´t know your ass from your elbow.

  • yenomragus 9 months ago

    I have been binging your videos for the last couple of days, hi from Brasil!
    What you said about statistics, oh, if only people read the basic, I dream of this, but now I believe it would not make a difference. They would just close their eyes for any fact that goes against their ideology.

  • I wondered same as you, for a while i thought the south park guys were patching over their "bonifides"in the industry. But now, I think they are going the andy kaufman route, and they are setting up a pretense for a major punchline later, like something that no one will realize until they are all dead, and some comedian professors will say, matt stone and trey parker did a, and then two decades later, did b, and the only way they pulled off b was because they had item a as their credibility, so the people that attacked them on item b are shown to be hypocrits.

  • KIDWITDEGUN 9 months ago

    you're a great guy. keep on! greetings from Germany

  • Josh Cruise 9 months ago

    Ben Sasse represents my district. I like him so far. Creighton Nebraska is a very nice place and very conservative like most of Nebraska, except Omaha. Omaha is were you go to get flipped off in trafffic, in the rest of the state people in their cars wave at strangers. Some guy my brother met from Detroit was totally freaked out by this. He said where he's from people only wave at you to get your attention before the shoot you.

  • David Mills 9 months ago

    You should have seen the fear that Pier's Morgan had with Tommy Robinson. Tommy held up the Quran on the set and Morgan just about did a back flip. What really pisses me off, Morgan got more pissed off at Tommy than he did with the jerk that blow up those kid's. You are correct they ARE the Death Star. By the way, I hate you, I blew coffee all over myself when you sung that song on Crowder, Hilarious man.

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