Jesus Quizz: Which Jesus are you?
Easter is right around the corner, and Jesus is on our minds, or at least, one question concerns us: How the hell did he come back to life in 3 days?
So far, the EASTER MIRACLE is our strongest hypothesis, but we’ve laid down key Jesus traits for you so you can self assess what kind of Jesus you are, and perhaps use these characteristics to resuscitate when “needed”!

A) DRUNK Jesus: You order wine by the bottle, and use the holy liquid for pretty much any craving: you want a snack? Boxed wine is your go to! Thirsty? White wine will freshen you up!
B) CAPITALIST Jesus: You never miss an opportunity to make a buck or 2, whether it involves begging on the street or selling your brother.
C) VEGAN Jesus: Kale is your religion, and animals are your bros! You’re also a master at cooking rice.
D) WHINING Jesus: You’re always too hungry, too hot, too cold, and/or too tired. If someone dares put a finger on you, crying is your 1st reaction.
E) ARTISTIC Jesus: Brows always on fleek, you are the makeup tutorial king. You could transform a man into a woman with the stroke of a paint brush
F) LUCKY Jesus: You proudly wear a 4-leaf clover pendant, and probably won more free coffees than one needs in a lifetime! People are usually jealous of you.

Tell us which JESUS you are in the comments below!

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  • Clear Jackson 1 year ago

    Water to wine

  • Natalee Josepha 1 year ago

    very nice

  • Dark Time 1 year ago

    These tricks is what probably brainwashed people into think "Jesus" had magical powers back in the day 😂 (Growing up from a brainwashed, religious family…Now I'm happily free and an Atheist)

  • Kool-Aid Girl 1 year ago

    I'm a Christain and I do not approve of the butthurt comments, enjoy your life and live peacefully

  • Sun Xil 1 year ago

    real good pranks

  • miguel oliva 1 year ago

    peace ( (··_) ) :-)

  • Emmanuel Levi 1 year ago

    אומר לא קנאות דתיות

  • Emmanuel Levi 1 year ago


  • Eevee the jam Sylvian 1 year ago

    Oh god he he die * crys* god

  • Bernice Beltran 1 year ago


  • cobydrei 1 year ago

    that asian girl is pretty

  • AnaDaGamer 101 1 year ago


  • AnaDaGamer 101 1 year ago


  • Santhoshi Kumari Kondepudi 1 year ago

    do pranks but not on religions and on god

  • Music Is Life 1 year ago

    The one that the Jews killed.

  • Paul Garcia 1 year ago

    The people in the comments are angrier than the people in the actual prank lol

  • Jayson Domingo 1 year ago

    6:38 WTF

  • 1979or1979 1 year ago

    HA HA HA

  • very nice,funny like ,subs :))

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