Been trying to get this clip but got it. Shoutouts to BestAFVonU2BE for making it available to obtain and get uploaded and to GamingFanactic911 for helping me locate it. :)

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • le nam Le 3 months ago

    Jill Colucci or Linda de Mol?

  • KrisFrosz133 3 months ago

    When I was a wee lil toddler back in the early 90's, I always thought she said, "America, America, misses you." Lol. It didn't make sense. I know. Only recently did I realize she said, "America, America, this is you."

  • ElEternoPoetaLuis 3 months ago

    Nice voice!

  • orangie84 3 months ago

    when the show had a soul… I can't stand the music they used for the newer show they should have kept this theme song…

  • Colin Cropley 3 months ago

    now, we see the real singers face.

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