We’re the Millers – Bloopers / Gag Reel | 720p | 2013 | Jennifer Aniston | Jason Sudeikis | Emma Roberts | Will Poulter | Nick Offerman | Kathryn Hahn | Ed Helms

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  • 4D4plus4is4D8 4 months ago

    3:35 – I never realized how tiny Emma Roberts is until I saw Jennnifer Aniston (who isn't tall herself) pop into the frame next to her like this.

  • Austin L 4 months ago

    One of the best gag reels ever

  • Karen Walker 4 months ago

    3:38 OMG LMFAO "you said do this" HAHAA

  • Maddie Smith 4 months ago

    So they ad-libbed the entire movie? Sign me the fuck up!

  • Kenneth Desmond Mosley 4 months ago

    I wish will poulter would have stayed in the role of pennywise

  • Angela Wu 4 months ago

    this bitch emma can act!

  • Rachel McKinney 4 months ago

    nambla the musical lmfao

  • Curly 4 months ago

    1:25 Way to be a big man bufdy

  • embe1 4 months ago

    NAMBLA the musical wtf?!!!!!

  • Kyle McMahon 4 months ago

    How crooked are her eyes

  • Elias Ashe-Shoal 4 months ago

    what man wouldn't want to stack and sodomize Jennifer and emma?

  • Cyborg69 69 4 months ago

    Jennifer Aniston is so HOT

  • Kris Scanlon 4 months ago

    Sudeikis as rebooted/ new/ whatever Fletch. Chase narrate. Now. do it. the end.

  • Mckenzie .Latham 4 months ago

    The haircut one is the best

  • jdunnatl 4 months ago


  • Raíssa Tabet Barros 4 months ago

    Emma 3:38 so funny

  • Mister Big 4 months ago

    They should have kept some of these scenes…

  • Matt Sharpe 4 months ago

    Love the blonde daughter she's so freaking cute

  • TORIffic poet 4 months ago

    Choked on a tater tot 😂

  • Edyy Lopez 4 months ago

    uau esta bonito

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