If you’re claustrophobic, you might want to close your eyes for this one!

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Filmed in Singapore and Montreal, Quebec

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happy wheels 2 demo


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  • L Amini 9 months ago


  • Mohsin Butt 9 months ago


  • José Ruela 9 months ago


  • William Mcintyre 9 months ago

    they should have had that old guy come over in the end and say he would go behind to adjust TV and see which of them would say something

  • Kujamon 9 months ago

    i clicked ear 😀

  • Universal Zone Music 9 months ago

    Just Break The Box!

  • WeirdCityCitizen 9 months ago

    She's hot :) I don't get how they choreographed it so well though must have taken lot of practice or sensors.

  • MrFerdimand 9 months ago

    Why they use sound laughing effects?! So annoying

  • Queen Pri 9 months ago


  • chas ames 9 months ago

    Man, the synchronization on that last one.
    Must have had to practice it a hundred times.

  • RenatoJunior Pereira 9 months ago

    a shit

  • RenatoJunior Pereira 9 months ago

    they took fron Brazil

  • Ruben Guambaña 9 months ago

    Chinos brutos

  • Hermionne Baez 9 months ago

    minuto 1:55 esa mujer siempre aparece

  • buhari mass 9 months ago

    i lovey

  • ناصر الحق 9 months ago

    اللهم عليك بفرعون مصر واتباعه فانهم لا يعجزونك

  • Llo He 9 months ago

    That legend song

  • Brayan Vanegas 9 months ago

    I love your videos, I'm a fan 100% congratulations for giving people joy, I think no one has surpassed this channel and I believe they will not do it, go ahead they are the best … Amo sus videos, soy un fan 100% los felicito por dar alegría a la gente , creo que nadie ha superado este canal y creo no lo harán, sigan adelante que son los mejores…

  • Hib cute Zaheer 9 months ago


  • is this filmed in china? 🎥 👈🎬👉😑

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