Hi Everyone! 😀 This is my list of the Top Funny Anime Moments Episode 29. I Hope you enjoy it!

You don’t have to agree with this list.

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Outro song: Setsuna Drive (English Cover) by JubyPhonic

Anime in Thumbnail :

Animes used:
00:09 – Sakamoto desu ga?
03:00 – Hataraku Maou-sama!
05:14 – NouCome
07:34 – Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou
11:45 – Watamote

happy wheels 2 demo


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  • Tanjiahdo Lofulamingo 1 year ago

    Whoever came up with Sakamotos character deserves a huge ass medal.

  • warlock923 1 year ago

    The Watamota anime made me laugh

  • AMV Makarov 1 year ago

    Nice )

  • Jackie yavuz Estacado 1 year ago

    here is a joke anime characters look japanese

  • Clyde Briggins 1 year ago

    Guys what the fuck. Do you seriously think this is funny? People are staving and dying and you fucking weebs are just sitting Here laughing at 'funny' shit. Go get a life you Chinese cartoon lovers

  • もも 1 year ago

    ゴミをなんでわざわざ選ぶんだよ バカじゃないの

  • TRUYỆN MA AUDIO 1 year ago

    Nice thumbs hahahah <3

  • Odd Freaks 1 year ago

    Sakomoto-kun 2 fast 4 u

  • Arthur Chocolate 1 year ago

    OMG your à god/goddes anime hd

  • Jess Crafts 1 year ago

    I like boobs
    You do too
    We all came for the thumbnail
    Didn't you?

  • Sng Yi Long 1 year ago

    you forgot the literature girl

  • Chrono Mitsurugi 1 year ago

    LOL I can't breathe
    That last scene with Tomoko and her mom that just kept going and going.
    LOL Oh man, headphones in the speaker jack instead of the headphone jack. Been there before Tomoko-chan.


    I feel like if I watch anime I feel like I'm looking at Hentai

  • shadow x 1 year ago

    if u need the animes check the description, and i know what your thinking… the anime for the thumbnail is noucome :3 bye now i hav important research

  • vBaku 1 year ago

    The subtitles were awful in NouCome. Where did they come from?

  • Noah Pittman 1 year ago

    12:53 reliable

  • Metal Head 1 year ago


  • ItzHydra 1 year ago

    Thanks for recommending Yt

  • Leseulmecsansnom 1 year ago

    C liiiiiickbait…

  • Blob Fish5 1 year ago

    The last one was weird to me because my headphones only work in the microphone plug and you can't hear it

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