Top 10 Just For Laughs Gags “Naughty Pranks 2016” Try To not laugh!
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  • Abdullah Niaz 9 months ago

    You just farted in the middle of people and just says people's do you have a tissues plz give me a tissue paper. And just see what's people reaction. I think its a very funny reactions. 😂😂

  • Golam Reza 9 months ago


  • VISHAL THAKUR 9 months ago

    nice baby

  • Muhammad Shafiq 9 months ago


  • Γιάννης Μαλακός 9 months ago

    2:17 he is playing League Of Legends in the library

  • Shamsuddin 786 9 months ago

    f*** video

  • heavy fire 9 months ago


  • هوشنگ فرزانه 9 months ago

    منکه اصلا خوشم نیومد خیلی بی مزه ان

  • nibus9 9 months ago

    Imagine what happens if he tells them he has the contagious swine flu and asks em for a sloppy kiss.

  • jasper arpon 9 months ago

    that fart prank made laugh .. really .. hahaahhahahaha

  • Art Ochoa 9 months ago

    so fake! none of them had their pants down

  • LittleDiamond Gaming 9 months ago

    66 136

  • Michael Boland 9 months ago

    fucks with people until they get mad … "WHY YOU SO MAD?!"

  • Shqiptar Albanin 9 months ago

    if you do that to me you will never do that again trust me p shit

  • RookieYT 320 9 months ago


  • bootylicious boulevard 9 months ago

    11:45 Tough Guy?

  • Ahmad Arif 9 months ago

    so funny

  • Luis G 9 months ago


  • heri cuttee 9 months ago


  • og Ryansmcdoubles 9 months ago

    3:27 to 3:35 was so funny XD

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