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Hope you enjoy episode 206 of Daily Fortnite Battle Royale! – In this video we’re showcasing the UNLUCKIEST landing of all time, and of course it happens to FaZe Tfue! We also see Pikachu in Fortnite!?! Many more amazing moments, enjoy!

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Tyson –



happy wheels 2 demo


  • Juliusson Gaming 3 days ago

    I just wanna say that I found a guy that stole this video from you and uploaded it on his own channel and got 78000 views on it.
    His name is "Twitch is my city" and the video's name is "Ninja Reacts to "THE UNLUCKIEST LANDING OF ALL TIME…(NEVER BEFORE SEEN!)"
    He hasn't given you any credits at all for this video, he just simply re-uploaded your video and made money of it!

  • DoubleDogDeath 3 days ago

    Go go JOSHTV

  • G2 DC 3 days ago

    8:15 epic fail

  • Franco Jr 3 days ago

    So funny the reactions of Ninja at the end

  • Fe1ian 3 days ago

    i don't get what happend in clip with tennp0. somebody explain pls. (sorry. english not native language so i might just not understand what they talk about)

  • Victor Lewis 3 days ago

    They just fell out that tree together like a team of superheros landing 😂

  • Apollo 69 3 days ago

    OMG 0:35 😂

  • 月饼 3 days ago

    8:47 just shoot the trap already.

  • Navia_ JM 3 days ago


  • SlayerX 3 days ago

    5:00 look at his wood count

  • Brad 3 days ago

    Poor Ninja is so scrawny he can't even pick up a chair lol

  • CJ_gaMiNg_QC 3 days ago

    wow they didnt put: NINJA NEW SETUP GOT HES FIRST WIN!, in the title GGz

  • Aqrol 3 days ago

    8:03. Hes playing my chem omg

  • Jewishlewish 3 days ago

    Ayy 😀

  • Angel Rojas 3 days ago


  • monkeyman 30 3 days ago

    C buck?

  • Hander Force 3 days ago

    Esta mierda ya parece twitch ninja moments jaja

  • Mgoblagulkablong 3 days ago

    6:37 instant Karma lol

  • Herberth Membreno 3 days ago

    Bruh camills trash af for that

  • MagicYellow xD 3 days ago

    Always waiting til the end to see who’s featured 😛

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