Welcome to the first ever JFL Pie Games – may the odds be ever in your favor!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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  • The Lover 1 week ago

    1:23 😡😠

  • 이민식 1 week ago

    재밋게 잘 봤어요

  • jim dupree 1 week ago

    saw skit twice now never have i saw cute girl get pied at the end

  • jim dupree 1 week ago

    watched skit on show just for laugh gags they cut it off before cutie at end got pied how did you get that on there

  • Alizea Geminia 1 week ago

    saw this on TV just now & had to look it up so I can share this with my family. —- all because of that sweet lady at 0:50.
    bless her!

  • Burak Kerten 1 week ago

    So many good cakes wasted but its worth it as long as my sweetheart Nadja enjoying it.

  • Don Hendrick 1 week ago

    I sure wish they would come here in Louisiana in Shvprt so I can catch them live !

  • Max The Dog 1 week ago

    Okay that was amazing. Funny but Amazing.

  • JaniPup26 Sings 1 week ago

    I would have ran with my pie while eating it.

  • Miami Ninja 1 week ago

    aww, if any pie got to Nadja's ear it would have been "Lick Ear".

  • Hollow Knight 1 week ago

    0:43 she used counter attack !! its very affective!

  • Tushar Wadel 1 week ago

    names of the actors in this video ?

  • Joy Chan 1 week ago

    The lady at 0:50. My favorite one.. Hahahhaa

  • RIFFS95 1 week ago

    Обожаю вашу передачу)))

  • Holmes245 1 week ago

    1:23: Pranking a prankster! What a wonderful idea! I laughed so hard! lmao

    Poor Nadja though. I guess she pulled the short straw or rather, someone pulled it for her. lmao

  • sumanthkris777 1 week ago


  • KoRnFreakFanGam3r 1 week ago

    nadja facial

  • ASMR-SENSEI 1 week ago

    Team Valor

  • PRIYABRATA PADHI 1 week ago


  • hopeless havoc 1 week ago

    It's so sweet that the old lady in pink even removed her glasses to give way for her face to be soaked in cream all over the face haha

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