We’re only a couple of days away from summer, and you know what that means! Bring out our best summer prank compilation! It’s gonna be hot!

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • 김학준22 1 year ago

    현아 같음 ???????

  • Tolga Aslan 1 year ago

    what s her name 6:040

  • Tolga Aslan 1 year ago

    The name of the

  • kaleb mesfin 1 year ago

    lol, gays….

  • Kevin S 1 year ago

    0:55 Can anyone relate to this gay-ass faggot?

  • Sumida Ryogoku 1 year ago

    Dat ol' fag !! ???

  • Anonima Simplemente anonima 1 year ago

    I need bloopers!! XD

  • NewWrestlingRevolution 1 year ago

    6:37 Wins everything! xD

  • Muhammad Faisal 1 year ago

    that guy also have a pink phone :p

  • Irene Lazar 1 year ago

    Thanks for all the work you done, God bless

  • Abo alzoz 1 year ago

    The last one is amazing lol

  • Catherine01 1 year ago

    hahaha the gay guy was sooo fucking funny??

    i was eating and i almost die laughing with the person's in the boat lol

  • LINO LÓPEZ DAMIAN 1 year ago

    Todo el mundo habla del gay del primer… pero madie habla de la linda chica de vestido rojo ???

  • Мария Арабаджиева 1 year ago


  • akis kovaios 1 year ago

    0:57 ok,he is ready for war!!!

  • JF International Security Svc. 1 year ago

    At 03:12 she scratches her 'balls'. :D

  • Lucky Smooth 1 year ago

    2,016th like

  • YOUSSEF ALAMIN 1 year ago

    please anybody tell me all the names of the actors in just for laughs "gags"

  • Daniel Kron 1 year ago

    1:00 That's the last guy you'd expect to be afraid of a weiner

  • Hà Minh 1 year ago

    GAY :)

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