Hey guys, here the coolest guy ever.

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This actually is the 2nd part, if you are wondering where the 1st one is, well it’s one the main channel, here:


I had to cut here and there to avoid copyright so hope you understand.
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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Noobie holme 8 months ago

    lol you didnt add When Sakamoto is buying Cd

  • Karen Tekobou 8 months ago

    Merci Squeezie

  • Szixi Gaming 8 months ago

    Sakamoto shared his bread just like gud ol' comrade stalin

  • Primal Chaotix 8 months ago

    11:2112:10 lmfao this is the best man made concealed weapon anyone has ever invented.

  • Hostil Cobalt 8 months ago

    What if he meet tomoko 😂

  • Ronnie 8 months ago

    hahahahahaha omg this is retarded lol

  • Le Minh Van 8 months ago

    Anime girls a sexy hot like if u agree :>

  • イドの底のアメンドーズ 8 months ago


  • Arcader Moon 8 months ago

    Me watching the second one :
    Da Fuk

  • lady monochromicorn 8 months ago

    Why is Ene here?

  • Andrew 8 months ago

    No don't take him away. Ahahaha

  • Im WatchingYou 8 months ago

    This ni🅱🅱🅰 gives no shits.

  • Elizabeth A Thies 8 months ago

    * Jumps in cart * Me pretending to be Sakamoto: Dey c me rollin, dey hatin

  • MrRetlav 8 months ago

    Smoothest guy there is.

  • Kenysu Star 8 months ago

    Sakamoto vs Saitama anyone?

    10:00 Mario's daughter XD

  • The Grimm Swordsman 8 months ago

    Sebastian and Bayonetta had a son. And if anime has taught us anything, hybrid species usually end up being RIDICULOUS. Like Sakamoto, who can casually defy logic and physics.

  • ArvelDreth 8 months ago

    I watched this very recently and don't remember anything before 55 seconds.

  • Charuzu Arekusanda 8 months ago

    9:5410:02 hahahahahahhaha

  • tos matu 8 months ago


  • なりかけ 8 months ago


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