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Here’s The Boat I Used
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I used a fake alligator decoy used to scare predators away from coy ponds and built in a remote controlled boat.

Musical arrangement by Bill Ferri of the Nashville, TN band Route 40
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  • Jay Karl's Hidden Camera & Practical Jokes 2 months ago

    Get your own Gator Head
    Here's The Boat I Used

  • Roblox Gamer 2 months ago

    This is too funny lol!!!

  • Dillinger Sam 2 months ago

    Classic 😎

  • nobcheesy 2 months ago

    how did that fatass manage to score a girl like that

  • Joseph Greene 2 months ago

    The master is back!!!!! Yes!!!

  • OHG Fawx 2 months ago

    That fucking elbow drop was legendary haha. He wasn't gonna let his boy go down without a fight

  • Juan C Rivas 2 months ago

    hahahaha that bad guys are tremendous scare greetings from Venezuela

  • GtotheA182 2 months ago

    That flying elbow drop tho 😂😂

  • JawnCracks 2 months ago

    Nah I wouldnt be ok with this one bit. Im all for ghillie suit jumpscares and snowman scares etc only because its a SUDDEN scare and then its time to all have laugh about it. Having the likes of an ALLIGATOR chase you for an extended period of time isn't cool. It would be traumatic to a lot of people including myself. People with phobias etc coming away from this the worst off.

  • New phone, who dis? 2 months ago


  • Josh Flores 2 months ago

    Were is the rope swing ????

  • Froggyman145 2 months ago

    How to pull the perfect prank

    1. Build up anticipation
    Read more

  • Royall Millk Teaa 2 months ago

    part 2 please!!

  • Central Scrutinizer 2 months ago

    ……………My crystal ball says… are going to need the services of a lawyer sometime in the future.

  • DanMan 2 months ago

    1:40 in this video is the best moment ever!

  • Aldi Ilham Anugerah 2 months ago

    lol aligator wkwkwkwkwjw

  • unknown potato 2 months ago

    Yas lol

  • Tanduay 5 years 2 months ago

    What is that thing is that gayytor, cool cops 😎

  • Clarence E Hurt 2 months ago

    Fuck! The elbow drop! I can't stop laughing!!! Yes!

  • HotdogMan 2 months ago

    This is hilarious hahahahaha

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