PUBG WTF Funny Moments Highlights Ep 45 (playerunknown’s battlegrounds Plays)
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Chris Poingdestre

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Bat-ireedui ireedui 10 months ago

    0:16 song name please ?

  • Psycho of the Dead 10 months ago

    5:04 wallhack?

  • NaglFaR 10 months ago ——— пацаны быстрее качайте новый чит ВХ на 1км + подсветка предметов через стены( можете сразу бежать к шлему 3 лвл и Кар98) ——– boys faster download a new cheat WH at 1km + lighting items through the walls (you can immediately run to the helmet 3 lvl and Kar98)

  • Anben Fu 10 months ago

    is that zombie mode?

  • MrPerdaa 10 months ago


  • Chris Murphy 10 months ago

    lol at the kids ching chongin

  • Reefer_DNA_43 10 months ago

    How far was that shot at 1:35?

  • ShooterAli 10 months ago

    most annoying clips from custom servers….

  • Что я, не как все, что ли?

  • 火 明イラストch. 10 months ago


  • Strikers01 10 months ago


  • Speckdeckel HighD 10 months ago

    The Qualitiy of their setups is too damn low man, i can count the pixels

  • GamerBreaKing 10 months ago


  • lolazo RR 10 months ago

    Shroud its littelary the best player in this game

  • Cory Vachon 10 months ago

    Hey look another boring shroud at the school killing people without guns again for the 45th time…

  • MrCarrot14 10 months ago

    cyka blyat

  • Divergent Evolution 10 months ago

    @ 5:13 those are not hacks? To have people glow yellow like that?

  • peterbn1234 10 months ago


  • Cam Urai 10 months ago

    Just like the French to order a full fucking retreat

  • R2kill74 10 months ago


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