Roman Atwood & Dennis Roady prank it up with the Just For Laughs Gags crew in Montreal Canada! You’re going to LOVE these new pranks!
They will be up by this Sunday (2/24/2013) you can watch them here:
Just For Laughs Gags:

Stay tuned for more behind the scene vlogs tomorrow!

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  • BalazarsBrain 9 months ago

    2 groups that fake their pranks teaming up.. amazing

  • DELTA 2693 9 months ago

    Whoa Romanatwood

  • ronalyn longos 9 months ago

    Develop devil up

  • darkbendover 9 months ago

    oh no. jfl please don't consort with these amateur junkies.

  • mr Junior 9 months ago

    and still, no canadian know them???
    until now?

  • Emeroson Dela Cruz 9 months ago

    sow you are pranking inthe just for laughs

  • Princess Love 9 months ago

    i watced it because im waiting for Dany manys apearance.

  • WarMachine Igneel 9 months ago

    I guess that roman wasn't a blogger back then

  • Wael B 9 months ago

    Fake & disgusting people

  • Crazy-super-idea .com 9 months ago

    what's the old man name

  • i love the blonde girl with Just for laughs, whats her name

  • Julius Goze 9 months ago

    And meeeee

  • D.J. Mack 9 months ago

    Damn I didn't know Dennis had hair back then

  • forac123 9 months ago

    i love just for laugh team

  • cutie noli 9 months ago

    watched this episode

  • LPSPuppyPower 9 months ago

    The old man in just for laughs gags is my favorite in the crew because he is very silly in the pranks

  • ChloroformGaming 9 months ago

    There in Downtown montreal btw

  • Caio Viana 9 months ago

    nadja is perfect!

  • Jon Passmore 9 months ago

    Smile (,") More

  • Andrew ww 9 months ago

    WOAH! Didnt know you guys had this channel :DD

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