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  • xXander 6 months ago

    First vid on my channel will be a montage btw. So sub if you want to see trash 1v1 plays

  • Doge Plays#MLG 6 months ago

    "Getting boosted by a top 25 player"

  • TheGaming Sheep 6 months ago

    The big pick

  • Aplex Gaming 6 months ago

    OMG your the best at rocket league

  • Hayden Cockman 6 months ago

    Pixel could you give me like small items as I'm still new to rocket league Psn – Demonslasher265

  • AyeItsEli - Rocket League 6 months ago


  • giacomoplaysism 6 months ago


  • Jackson Smith 6 months ago

    Why is your intro diamond 2

  • Zodiac 6 months ago

    I watched the stream 2 white zombas one being striker and white dracos

  • Oogaa Booga 6 months ago

    Are those turtle beach px24 if so I have them too they are amazing

  • Jamie Porter 6 months ago

    u missed spelled action in the beginning smh

  • MrPotatoChip Man 6 months ago

    Tried watching Jonsandman gameplay and I just couldn't

  • Opa jojo 123 6 months ago

    That gfinity challenger rocket league is not for the ps4 only for Xbox and pc :(

  • Mack Memes 6 months ago

    I am Brazilian and I accompany your videos, very good your channel I am your fan men

  • SmartGamingTV SGT -Roblox & More 6 months ago

    100th comment!

  • Skuryy 6 months ago

    Boosted Kappa jk lol, ly picapixel

  • Zalgo 6 months ago

    # demonitized

  • Geometric - Kryptix 6 months ago

    LMAO pixel scored 4 goals the entire video, 1 of them was an open net and one of them was an own goal, and somehow loses games in CHAMP 1 WITH A TOP 100

  • Justin Moen 6 months ago

    Where is the live stream he did

  • Keagan Storms 6 months ago

    I subed because pixel is so cool i love your vids :)

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