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In today’s video we feature ninja after he reached 3 millions followers talking about his success through fortnite Battle royale. We compre him to his older self of 6 years ago! His newest twitch record is 150 thousand subscribers!


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happy wheels 2 demo


  • HungoXD 1 week ago

    Your videos are the BEST of YouTube

  • MONTAWA 1 week ago

    anyone wanna sub to me b/c i play fortnite and am trying to get better at fortnite

  • Panda Gameplays 1 week ago

    Hello mens

  • Roman GamingTv 1 week ago

    He earns 7.3mil a year

  • Fortnite Foes 1 week ago


  • Adel Yazid 1 week ago

    GG 70K! Road to 100k!

  • Thomas Burnett 1 week ago

    What the intense music at the beginning called

  • RalleTheAwesome 1 week ago

    Awesome video with Ninja in the start 😀 Love your channel Keep up the good work

  • Werfy Nebulous 1 week ago

    Myth shotgun quickscopes?

  • luppa 1 week ago

    How do you do that rocket dance thing?

  • Marijn Stahlber 1 week ago

    Lille ninja was really funny

  • Potato Gaming 1 week ago

    Pin me please 😇

  • Glintedblizard 44 1 week ago


  • MemMite 1 week ago

    Ninja is a ninja

  • Tinkness 1 week ago

    The mic in 2012 is better XD ;)))

  • Jeremiah Salinas 1 week ago


  • ProKnobPolisher 1 week ago

    pls notice

  • ShiFT Limit 1 week ago

    Go check out my dope fortnite montage!🔥🔥🔥🔥

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