And the gmod murder is back! With cheese, and Cory who is a rock but sounds like a robot?

Also, you get 2 videos today! I accidentally left a swear in the video so I had to go back and re render and then when i re rendered there was an issue and Ashlie accidentally fell asleep ;-; BUT HERE IT IS and there will be another video out today as well!


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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Puppy's Lover 4 weeks ago

    John, Ashlie and Nick are in a love triangle ☺️😏

  • Blitz_The_Dog 4 weeks ago


    Nick= Mouse
    Cori= Rock
    Uni= IGOO!
    Tommy= AGTD (Anti Green Team Department)

  • summer the wolf 4 weeks ago

    Famous last words… "Swiss" "you can't stop the cheese dreaming" XD

  • Mangle_The_Boss Gaming 4 weeks ago

    I loved that intro XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

  • Casper X 4 weeks ago

    S O M E T I M E S I D R E A M A B O U T

    C H E E S E

  • flowerfell Frisk 4 weeks ago

    5:40 Nick: and SPIRNKLES

  • John Canady 4 weeks ago

    play overwatch

  • Jasmine Shepherd 4 weeks ago

    My sister loves cheese

  • Cleshay Heru 4 weeks ago

    Where were you doing ???

  • Emma Goebel 4 weeks ago

    This video is so cheesy a real swing and a swiss. I hope it makes you the cheddar though you are really sharp. I think I'm miking this.

  • /Gameboy2000color / 4 weeks ago

    Uni is so competitive that it actually ruins the vid for me, one second if you guys are talking and he's the murderer, lots of the time he'll just do a drive by and kill all of you, he doesn't just have fun and play, he goes all out and goes as hardcore as he can.

  • Hayden Smith 4 weeks ago

    10:30 enjoy

  • Jessica Cortez 4 weeks ago

    this is so weird because they're talking about cheese and I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich🤔

  • Loren Rodriguez 4 weeks ago

    the beginning wasn't even Gmod murder. I was yelling help and stuff in Gmod, murder.

  • FieOUO 4 weeks ago

    best scene.

    Ashley: Im glad theres no kids around to see this.

    shoots Jon

    Jon: D:

  • Queendom 4 weeks ago

    "Glad they're no kids around to see this."
    BlOws jOns fAcE iN
    I wasn't ready for this xD

  • Tiara Martinez 4 weeks ago


  • Ninjaslayer3000 Ninjaslayer3000 4 weeks ago

    That intro tho hahahahah

  • Ninjaslayer3000 Ninjaslayer3000 4 weeks ago

    Heyyyyyyyyy murder is back yayaaaa

  • Sinead Redmond 4 weeks ago

    She posted at 4 in the morning for me.
    Love the video ash!
    Oml bendy uni is so funny!
    Cut me a piece of that uni

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