Most Powerful Genji Reflect! | Overwatch Best and Funny Moments – Ep.38
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Preston csgo –

ES_Aurora Eye 2 – Martin Veida
ES_Italian Papa – Magnus Ringblom
ES_Alright Come On (Instrumental Version) – Sebastian Forslund
Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme
ES_Trouble In Kitchen 6 – Magnus Ringblom
ES_Mohawk Anarchy 2 – Victor Ohlsson
ES_Jumping Cricket 3 – Martin Gauffin
ES_Strolling In New Orleans 3 – Henrik Nagy
ES_Thrilling Chase 1 – Johannes Bornlöf
ES_It’s Voodoo – Christian Nanzell
ES_Welcome To Ibiza 1 – Andreas Ericson
ES_Perfect Moment 3 – Josef Falkensköld
ES_Emperors Of Tomorrow 10 – Rannar Sillard
ES_Popnroll3 – Marc Torch
ES_Radio Entertainment Orchestras 4 – Magnus Ringblom

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  • Papyrus The Skeleton 1 year ago

    Wow, cant believe u have 150k man. i am so happy for you. i remember the time when you had 20k and you almost liked everyone's comment. Congratz man

  • firestar1230 1 year ago

    Ugh, honestly, I see so many tryhard Genjis, it's rare one impresses me. The last one that did it was a guy who was able to use his dash to extend his damage reach up and down the last half of the wester section of Hollywood

  • Diego Vazquez 1 year ago

    You know what would be cool, to deflect a zarya graviton and hanzo dragon with the same deflect. So at they're stuck in the grav, and then are hit by he dragon and the entire enemy team dies.

  • Unstable Gamer 1 year ago

    Lmao that headshot on tracer as mccree didn't even connect

  • Hi welcome to IHOP 1 year ago

    Jeff Kaplan… if you're reading this, eat a dick you dumb ass

  • seth steadman 1 year ago

    2:32 THAT FLICK.

  • msoulforged 1 year ago

    that is not an orisa bug; it is a rare male orisa specimen

  • kush boy 1 year ago


  • Connor Allen 1 year ago

    I hate the sound effects and the music

  • renie pereira 1 year ago


  • Nikolas Papadopoulos 1 year ago

    i swear i was playing with this duke today, he was playing mcree and he was rly rly good.

  • Arpit Choudhary 1 year ago

    IS IT A PRO GENJI ????

  • Dee McUpt 1 year ago

    7:37 that happend me once… the saddest moment of my life

  • Glenn Russell 1 year ago

    Genii was so powerful wow I was like wtf

  • patrik katusic 1 year ago

    2:07 looks like tracer sucks in running

  • Mizako 96 1 year ago

    That enemy mercy resurrection made me want to scream.

  • Zodiac Fenrir 1 year ago

    I'm sad that I had to kill the enemy mercy that I friended in competitive but I had to do it or my whole team would literally report me for that bs

  • DCINIEL _ 1 year ago

    Please put some if my clips in the next vid!
    On my yt channel

  • Takeru 1 year ago

    3:54 thats ME! 😀 Thank you :)

  • SlendyDie Gaming 1 year ago

    only if my pc was good enough to record my overwatch plays at hd 60 fps at least i would've recorded where i deflect zarya and hanzo ult and kill 5 ppl with it

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