Luckiest Unlucky Moment?? | Hearthstone Daily Moments Ep. 617
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ES_Playing Around The House 1 – Victor Ohlsson
ES_Sunshine Strut 04 – Håkan Eriksson
ES_Medieval Adventure 01 – Johannes Bornlöf
ES_Going To Chicago – Martin Carlberg
ES_Retro Today 9 – Gunnar Johnsén
ES_Klezmer Feeling 5 – Gunnar Johnsén
ES_Salty Breeze 3 – Martin Gauffin

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  • Farhan Radifan 8 months ago

    I almost think you gonna replace the almighty @@@@@ lord teehee with that new zanananana zanananana god 😂

  • Jens Vander Stichele 8 months ago

    is it zananananananan or zanananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananananan

  • fadence 8 months ago

    Missed opportunity "@@@@@ zanananan"

  • Сергей Феофанов 8 months ago

    New card – POWER WORD TEEHEE.
    Effect – win/lose game and put it in top 1 redit.

  • Shlompski 8 months ago

    you should replace your @@@@@@@ at the end of your video with zananananan

  • elia zanchetta 8 months ago

    Swegg didn t see plage or ultimate in all game

  • Naboukhodonosor 8 months ago

    only one teehe. i got an orgasm of disappointment

  • Демьян Титов 8 months ago

    Now at the and of every video you must say “zananananan, tee-hee”. Do it at least one, please)

  • Evan Huizenga 8 months ago

    Should've been "Zananananan, Teehee"

  • Sniper 8 months ago

    who is that earth lord? 7:00 ???

  • rashef 8 months ago


  • Вова Казаков 8 months ago

    Zanananana xD

  • raz b.t 8 months ago

    I will ping the best comment when this video is 15 hours old
    Zananananan teehee

  • tgfje 8 months ago

    we need more zananananan!!!

  • Jared Kovacs 8 months ago

    Famous Last Words – It's a dolphin.

  • Pengu' 8 months ago


  • Павел Тукмачев 8 months ago

    the ting goes zanananana

  • XzBionicRamZx 8 months ago

    I thought that zananananan remix was something you did for the sake of this video not something the casters found and uploaded by accident. That beard dude is awesome

  • Anthony Guzman Irazabal 8 months ago

    zananananann better than Teeeheee …now what SoBayed

  • Berkay Koca 8 months ago

    Ok so. Tee ee hee, tee ee hee, tee ee hee.

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