Kit’s family does April Fools every year. Rose’s doesn’t.

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  • Rustknuckle Irongut 9 months ago

    Damn, they made a Jon Snow corpse head. This does not bode well for Jon in season 8.

  • Garbanzo123 9 months ago

    Why is no one asking why in the fuck does a jon snow severed head prop exists? Is this how he'll end up in the final season? FUCK

  • Даниэль Данковский 9 months ago

    Оххх Кит, какой же ты мудак.

  • Xavito ibañez 9 months ago


  • A. Cammy 9 months ago

    Okay but how adorable was Liv in the first 30 seconds, I had to replay because the adorableness was too good

  • Yea Boyyy 9 months ago

    I would bang Liv Tyler SOOOOO hard

  • Bellac 9 months ago

    I think Kit likes the way she moans wen they do it

  • Sparky 9 months ago

    Liv? Wow. . different.

  • Cuppas Coffee 9 months ago

    Game of thrones in my opinion is a waste of time, its not reall.

  • PygmalionFaciebat 9 months ago

    She deserved it, because she choosed such a man.

  • Ally Todd 9 months ago

    That is evil and genius in equal measure. Tell me Kit, how does it feel to be number one on God's "Official Shit List"?

  • серик жумагалиев 9 months ago

    да уж ебанутые шутки у пиндосов ..

  • Sage Egas 9 months ago

    Props to her for not dropping the water

  • DeathroneMetal 9 months ago


  • Jamie Tigress 9 months ago

    Does anyone not wonder WHY there is a severed head of John Snow as a prop??? No where in the show so far as he been beheaded, make me wonder what is coming in season 8. The writer said the end will be bitter sweet :( . Just me wondering out loud (did the prop department make it for him maybe for the prank ? )

  • Kirstie Roche 9 months ago

    Omg ! If I saw that my reaction would be way more hectic than that 😅 that water would of been everywhere and the fridge upside down 😂

  • fat bo 9 months ago

    He did not know she would be angry with him, I guess he really knows nothing.

  • 2Ten1Ryu 9 months ago

    Ohhh, poor Rose. To catch her in that moment… that wasn't nice…

  • Daniel15242 9 months ago

    I just cant believe he drinks Budwiser!?!?

  • CrazyGamerDragon64 9 months ago

    Now I would like to hear Rose's side of this situation

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