This IRS Tax Scammer prank is one of the craziest calls I’ve ever done, I’ve been dreaming about getting this hilarity animated, stoked for you guys to finally see it. Send out the TAX SCAMMER prank in my app and hear it live!
Watch the EXTENDED prank:


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  • Ownage Pranks 3 days ago

    FINALLY A NEW ANIMATION IS HERE!! DROP A LIKE IF YOU'RE HYPED! 😀 These take forever to produce and cost thousands of dollars (animation ain't cheap yo), so would love you guys to share the clip and get the video out there! I definitely want to work on more, fresh & new pranks to animate, but it can be tough with demonetization running rampant etc. This is a clip that I HAD TO UPLOAD, can't believe this guy went on a rant about how I was born (in a biological way lol). Did you catch all the easter eggs in this? if not go back and watch it again!!!

  • Floriado Dedo 3 days ago

    He is funny 😁

  • maccy - Fortnite 3 days ago




  • Nick Giordano 3 days ago

    love these! keep the animations coming!!

  • Sweet Tea 3 days ago


  • DeluxeDylan 3 days ago

    that nigga flamed yo ass LMFAAOOOO

  • Antwan Fisher 3 days ago

    Can you do it again plz

  • Santy K 3 days ago

    Bang Galore had me crackin up

  • Sharik Hussain 3 days ago

    Fuck ur wife by 10 and then how ur born 😂

  • MLG Potato 3 days ago

    Uh how did rakesh's wife got pregnant with Rakesh, thats some incest shit

  • Ezekiel Pina 3 days ago

    How can I call them to fuck with them

  • Ben Kruse 3 days ago

    You should do a video with kitboga

  • Mohamed Ali 2 days ago

    Theres soooo much more funnier parts from the extended version. Its my favorite prank so far. “Obamas coming to indian, do you know that?”

  • ScamPlacePranks 2 days ago

    Love it! Messing with the IRS scammers is my favorite type of video to make. They seem more on edge than the tech support ones.

  • mike htee 2 days ago

    Why is APU in there ! ! Ayyyyyyyyy

  • Lucas Argandoña 2 days ago

    Bang galore in Bangalore

  • Treyz RS 2 days ago

    “You are a collection of 10 sperm’s persons’s.” I wrote this in my biology exam and my teacher called social services.

  • The scammer said all that crap from "HIS OWN EXPERIENCE"!!!

  • Amy. E 2 days ago

    Lmfao the swimming Hindu sperm🤣

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