I BEAT YOUR KID UP PRANK ON CHRIS AND QUEEN….What prank should I do next!!??? comment down below :)

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  • Perfectlaughs 9 months ago

    Bruhhhhhh Lol What Prank Should I Do Next???FOLLOW ME ON IG @PerfectLaughs 😘💕🤘🏾#PerfectSquad

  • Angela M 9 months ago

    It's time for Chris and Queen to get rid of these lame ass wanna be pranksters. They need to stick to singing cuz they can't do pranks. And jasmine starting to get on my damn nerves cuz she ain't funny no mo… and since Im here I wanna say 1 baby with a house full of adults and y'all can't keep that nice ass house clean but y'all stay vlogging…

  • Brianna Whyte 9 months ago

    You wrong for this one jas😭

  • Brandi Dyson 9 months ago

    " A man I really don't like the way you tried to run up on me Queen" haha had me dead Queen ass jumped up and was ready haha I love yah #TeamQueen

  • Queen BeBe 9 months ago

    armon instigating ass😂😂😂

  • The black night 9 months ago

    Where the notification gang at ? 💪🏾

  • Armani Allen 9 months ago

    More pranks never fail this is my first time watching you & i love it !!

  • TERRY MRFUNNY 9 months ago

    When you put headphones on the beat knock like if you agree

  • Akeem Bailey 9 months ago

    lol,i swear ppl get hyped af whenever u hold them back

  • Amaudia butler 9 months ago

    do I robed your house prank

  • Mickie Thoo 9 months ago

    They just threw Jas under the bus .. Hell nawl lmaoo!!! Switching up the story and jank😂😂

  • KK_Gang 9 months ago

    I like this prank because how queen and Chris reacted was very good and they care for they baby

  • Darian Bazelais 9 months ago

    i feel like if chris put on a panda mask, he would look like ayo with his hair!

  • Shera Banks 9 months ago

    Queen wolf have got her ass beat the sleep she popular with a guy ass thrown through a window light shoes Ranger fight jazz jazz with her beat the mix out of her ass

  • Sir Anium 9 months ago

    I usually dont like tomboys, but you…..

  • Terryn Fields 9 months ago

    My momma woulda beat ass and asked questions later 😂

  • Destiny Wilson 9 months ago

    The Crazy Part is the whole Entire Video I didnt See when Queen was about to hit her and Ar'mon Push her hard asl

  • Ca'rayah Oard 9 months ago

    That's how you know Chris and Queen has mad love for Armon, Trey, and PerfectLaughs because they didn't kick them out their house lmaoo before they knew it was a prank

  • Rhia xox 9 months ago

    im surprised they were so calm

  • sierra jones 9 months ago

    I wouldn't be asking questions if I saw my boy bleeding I would just throw hands

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