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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Liyah28115 6 days ago

    this was hilarious and it was actually kinda of cute at the part where she thought she was alone and he came and saved her omg I was about to cry lol

  • Liyah28115 6 days ago

    in the beginning the little boy with the blue shirt and orange pants had my DYINGGGGG!!!LMAOOOOOO

  • Saniya McCracken 6 days ago

    that was crazy

  • Amarj Johnson 6 days ago

    bro you have not even hit 1 million so you are behind

  • Tasha Pascoe 6 days ago

    OMG so good😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😘😘

  • Bryce an Madi squad 6 days ago

    That was a good evacuation just in case of a fire like if u agree

  • Ebony Cook-gordon 6 days ago


  • Sassy vickii 6 days ago

    5:17 did you see them collect their kids😂😂😂

  • Gabbi J 6 days ago

    omg this prank is one of the funniest yall ever done!!!!sooo funny

  • Amber’s World 6 days ago

    Melinda hurried and grabbed DJ😂

  • Emrald Green 6 days ago

    They should do s fire drill video but this was mad funny

  • joelplayzroblox 6 days ago

    i loved this vid

  • Joana Shinel 6 days ago

    I am sooooo weak!
    Eva was about to go then remembered she had a son😂 then the way she was hold him

  • Lacy and Khori 6 days ago

    NaNa was crying so much

  • Lacy and Khori 6 days ago

    Look at the way the adults grabbed the kids

  • Jasenia Green 6 days ago

    That was sooo funny I almost fell out my chair

  • O.K plays 6 days ago

    So explain why were they running back inside to get out through the back when hey were already out the front door? Smh if his was a real fire, that wasn’t a smart move… 🤦‍♀️

  • The glam girl 5 5 days ago

    Poor nana,😢😢 and did see Olivia she was really confused

  • Tashay Smith 5 days ago

    y'all had left the little baby upstairs but I like how y'all got out the house quickly and grabbed every single kid

  • Tashay Smith 5 days ago

    Yahoo left a little girl

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