I randomly found this funny skit video on a Facebook page and I took it from the page owner and uploaded it on YouTube! Enjoy folks! 😉

I don’t own this video!


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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Clarice1933 9 months ago

    The table door. 😆🤣😂

  • Amazing Tunisia روائع تونس 9 months ago

    It's a sketch rather than a prank, but it is funny.

  • Ryan Vidal 9 months ago


  • Kurt Bunker 9 months ago

    Pls reply "don't forget to subscribe on my comment".

  • Yulia Priska Claudia 9 months ago

    If he was me, I just like…
    "I'm done"😑

  • TheAgentAssassin 9 months ago

    random dip had me laughing my ass off 00:35

  • Funny Zone i 9 months ago


  • Zefanya Lt 9 months ago

    that long hair dude, is that the similar person in sauna skit? (where he's a yakuza)

  • Mega_Infamous 9 months ago

    Hey are you tired of real doors cluttering up your house, where you open them and actually go somewhere and you go into another room, come on down to Real Fake Doors, that's us, fill your whole room up with them.

  • jasmine serapon 9 months ago

    hahaha .. i laughed so hard on this .. Pless make another video of fake door ..xD

  • swordfight2000 9 months ago


  • Jay Smith 9 months ago

    Get on down to real fake doors! fakedoors.com is our website so check it out for a really great deal on fake doors!!!

  • KatzekLoL 9 months ago


  • Still_Reflection 19 9 months ago

    I'm so impressed I love this, pure evil and pure genius.

  • Nasha Naufal 9 months ago

    Having new door styles every day is a really big Troll on you're company's employee.

  • grannykiller 9 months ago

    S U G O I

  • Battezu 9 months ago

    What's the show?

  • DÖNÄLD TÜSK 9 months ago


  • Claudio Bernal Araya 9 months ago

    jjajajajajajjaj very very good jajajaj greeting from chile….

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