Epic and funny gaming moments in Pillars of Eternity II, Far Cry 5, Overwatch, Fortnite Battle Royale, God of War, Skyrim, God of War, Rainbow Six Siege, and more!

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  • Stupid Sexy Flanders 3 months ago

    I'm famous!

  • Joshua Palmer 3 months ago

    I still miss DAT_GLITCH terribly :( wish more of these clips had those eclectic references strewn throughout.
    Regardless this is still amazing for keeping my mates and I going until his glorious return

  • last wave Games 3 months ago

    Keep these coming. My fave compilation videos. Any game with Jr from WWF announcing is life changing.

  • Recht_voor_zijn_raap 3 months ago

    2 in a week?! Didn't know it was my birthday allready 😁

  • Atem Lawliet 3 months ago

    You are save now Cheeseburge.. BOOM !! Car! Ahahahahah 0:40

  • WilczycaCzarownica 3 months ago

    Why everytime you put Matrix meme when game world is glitched?
    6:00 Probably that is fastest ended quest in all RPG games.

  • Tomek Ε»yΕ‚a 3 months ago

    Love it! Your videos make me laugh all the time. Please MORE! :)))

  • BAM_ WHATS 3 months ago


  • BAM_ WHATS 3 months ago

    Great editing (as always) and even better sound effects. Noice video. Keep up the great work πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • antonio JYP 3 months ago

    Haha sheeeeeeet

  • Shiro Kun 3 months ago

    I love watching these so much!!! Always play them.before I go to bed πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‚

  • Falling Fixtures 3 months ago

    Remember your video on 10k subs. Well get ready for a 20k because your on your way. You totally deserve it

  • Dragon Sid 3 months ago

    That first clip lol

  • White Hyde 3 months ago

    Whoa! About Skyrim clip. Does playable on mobile phone!?

  • Specter Assassin 3 months ago

    Hello there.

  • Mammoth Mk3 3 months ago

    Damn, that Far Cry 5 clip. Approved by Russian πŸ˜€

  • Omar Alwahsh 3 months ago

    Thanks for including my video ❀

  • mannime 3 months ago

    2:19 SEX PISTOLS!!!!

    P.S, only jojo's bizarre adventure fans will understand my joke

  • Elroy Bay 3 months ago

    The Onward fail wouldn't have happened if the player had used the gun properly.

    Also, how is it possible to play Skyrim on mobile?

  • colton carreras 3 months ago

    Fucking gold all these. Lost my shit on the racecar one.

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