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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Anu Dewri 9 months ago

    Kweblecop is playing from azzyland's account

  • sadman sadik 9 months ago

    jelly do new video's it's old video

  • Niel Gabriel Anahaw 9 months ago

    Yes more gta

  • Allson Peris 9 months ago

    Jelly I have a best youtuber and thats you♥

  • Absolute Gamer 9 months ago

    Jelly can you play spiderman mod

  • KEITH BORGES 9 months ago

    2 ads at a time lol

  • 陈家辉 9 months ago

    Can you add iPhone 8 Jelly case please

  • TNT Ali Minecraft 9 months ago

    Fuck SkullCrusher

  • shanieka yazzie 9 months ago

    Why does it not let me watch your vlogs

  • Poor Gamer 9 months ago

    Wuhuu..jelly make a music lol…it pretty funny

  • i have subed to jelly and slogoman and kwebelkop
    and i put notification to jelly and kwebelkop and slogoman

  • Matthew Taylor 9 months ago


  • Matthew Taylor 9 months ago

    Can I get 1 like pl

  • RoyalGuy Teas3r 9 months ago

    Hahahaha that Trunk Plan Went Totally Wrong

  • Amber Latimer 9 months ago

    Jelly can you play more mindcraft

  • Ethan Huntley 9 months ago

    Jelly every video you make my depression gets a tiny bit smaller and a few other youtubers help to you make my absolute horrible life so much better with help of other youtubers plz like so jelly can see this

  • Azeem 67900 9 months ago

    3::41 if you shot the buillet he would of died then you would won but so close

  • Mr_SmartieGames 9 months ago

    Hoi, dit is de taal dat Jelly spreekt
    Hey, this is THE language that Jelly Speek

  • Sadhana Sharma 9 months ago

    Jordy is azzyland

  • StarKid 2006 9 months ago

    hey jelly I could really use some help with PS plus if you could do that so maybe you can give a fundraiser something I don't know

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