Epic Super Glue Prank: Glue on Toilet Seat Practical Joke is a video of a super glue prank where roommates play a joke on another roommate by covering the toilet seat with superglue. The roommate sits on the toilet and gets stuck. He seems to be in good spirits about the super glue prank as he laughs along with his friends when they enter the room.


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Epic Super Glue Prank: Glue on Toilet Seat Practical Joke

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  • Harley Brown 1 year ago

    What was the song at the start for what the hell

  • Waddup Mayne 1 year ago

    Fake ass fuk!

  • Alyssa Newton 1 year ago

    if this happend to me i would just grap the nail polish remover that by the toilot a cloth and take it off and walk out like nothing even happend.

  • Ari Palermo 1 year ago

    ??the dude tries to get up but puts his hand in the toilet to try to get up…??

  • oceanwaves83 1 year ago

    Who doesn't look at the seat before they sit down?

  • Holly Bhogal 1 year ago

    Quite funny

  • Xhejms Xhura 1 year ago

    I feel bad

  • MinevalGaming 1 year ago

    It's funny y'all don't know what good pranks are

  • daniel mccarthy 1 year ago

    How didn't the toilet lid stick to the seat ??

  • Imran M 1 year ago

    Stupid joke

  • Mesince73 1 year ago

    Fucking losers do this to people.

  • Sans 1 year ago

    That's actually pretty serious YA know

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