JukinVideo presents Epic Pranks: Parents vs. Kids! Watch as these parents get the ultimate revenge on their children! They’ve thought of the most outrageous ways to torture their kids and recorded it for our enjoyment!!

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2. Kids Prank Their Parents: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yAVEQWcvvg

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  • Prajith Pm48 1 week ago

    It's pregnant omg hahahahahha

  • bill davis 1 week ago

    Do parents really want to tramatise their kids

  • Aki rathod 1 week ago

    Chicken was pregnant…..lol😂😂😂

  • Megan 1 week ago

    It was pregnant! hahaha Heard of a turkey or chicken egg?

  • Charlie Tango 1 week ago

    The last one was so cruel!

  • cootsteak 1 week ago

    "it was pregnant!" LMAO! They thought that the turkey was pregnant.

  • The Girl 1 week ago

    A pregnant chicken 😂 these parents are savage.

  • jagdish tripathi 1 week ago

    1:24 in his mind- "now clean that bitch , I'm gonna fill another bowl "

  • David Griffith Sr 1 week ago

    It was funny until the spider. Nobody likes spiders

  • Sirios Star 1 week ago

    👹 Evil parents 😂😂

  • Dexter Justicier 1 week ago

    Omg le coup de l'araignee 😂😲😲

  • merry bee 1 week ago

    Chicken pregnant😂😂

  • Fritz Idler 1 week ago

    First one: can't you tell when a female is faking?

  • Alexandre Gerson 1 week ago

    o dó

  • Im Your Enemy 1 week ago

    This is me when im always late for school 0:42

  • Anayansi Valenzuela 1 week ago

    At least hide the fake blood

  • the under vlogs 1 week ago

    The kids don't know chickens come from eggs

  • DS Ds 1 week ago

    Birds lay eggs…dumb bitches this is what's wrong with America!

  • Syed Mussavir Ahmed 1 week ago

    I LIKE thaat….I Fuckin LIKE thaat !!!

  • Mayur Sangwan 1 week ago

    its still a sad thing eating chicken kill someone just for tongue taste

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