Watch the most surprising and hilarious moments of Emilia Clarke.
Most funniest compilation of Game Of Thrones actress- Emilia Clarke.
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Please watch: “Game of Thrones: S07E04 – Behind The Scenes”


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  • david lawler 8 months ago

    She’s lovely, seems like a fun person to be around

  • Willie L Pugh,III 8 months ago

    Funny Goff group goffy with out the long knoby knees. Haaaaaaa

  • Willie L Pugh,III 8 months ago

    She is funny guffy.

  • Gabriela Gutierrez 8 months ago

    Emilia Clarke is one love 😍❀

  • Snakewhisperer 8 months ago

    I'd recognize you darlin

  • EAHLana 8 months ago

    1:35 her smile is goals

  • Sarah Ferrigan 8 months ago

    She seems like a real sweetheart.

  • Nima Sushma 8 months ago

    Khaleesi love you alys!

  • MI Dom 8 months ago

    she's so beautiful, smart, warm and funny… love her

  • quedecree 8 months ago

    Bob the Dragon!! Alright!

  • Priya Ravi Chandran 8 months ago

    All true fans take this quiz …..

  • Nikolaj Thor Kristiansen 8D Terndrup Skole 8 months ago

    she seem's like the funniest person ever

  • frepi 8 months ago

    She's the anti-Ann Hattaway

  • Som Bharatiya Dash 8 months ago

    she is soo good! …she is nothing like that dudhead Khaleesi

  • alexius984 8 months ago

    She seems like a dwarf…

  • William Taylor 8 months ago

    I swear too god bethany makes me watch porno, ive been a vam pire fore 18 years. She pulls her panties and does halloween 3 , what the ruck, really, Icant take that abuse. I got 500 more points than J esus, shes got me 1999 ran out of toilet paper, hit by a car, on her leg going fuck me to death, i just care about good things. Like this girl said she wanted children, zip, you know it. My favirite prno , 13, this asian is killing it, she kisses me, hahaha. But its make belive, im no boy. I know asian women, but ive decided, I miss everyone.

  • penchal reddy 8 months ago

    Fuck that channel music

  • swapnil roy 8 months ago

    she talk with eyebrows

  • Karthik Kk 8 months ago

    Her attitude is more like jeniffer Lawrence

  • Sylvia Young 8 months ago

    She is absolutely delightful! Beautiful, intelligent and an absolutely beautiful young lady!! Love her!

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