Without Chef, this merry band of travelers has had to adapt to a new team dynamic. They venture further into the Jambastion station in a journey to find out who is in charge! With new telekinetic powers in their arsenal, can they forge a path through the station and fill the Chef-shaped hole in their team with something a bit more round?

People involved:
Michael Pagliaro (Pags)
Randy Baxendale
Joe Campanelli
Matt Lefurge (Lefurge)
Brett Upton
Michael Lefurge (Little Lefurge)
Tanner Martin

Songs used:
0:06 – Puzzle Room ~ Kirby Star Allies
0:34 – Jeopardy Theme
0:56 – To Zanarkand ~ Final Fantasy X
0:58 – The Happy Troll ~ D1ofAquavibe
1:11 – Careless Whisper ~ George Michael
1:47 – Party Troll ~ D1ofAquavibe
2:17 – Let’s Get It On ~ Marvin Gaye
3:38 – Petite Chou-Fleur ~ Team Fortress 2
3:57 – Fight Against an Armed Boss ~ Super Mario RPG
6:58 – Circus Music
8:19 – Greenhorn Forest ~ Wario World

Intro Song: “Two Feet and a Heartbeat” from Runbow
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happy wheels 2 demo


  • HeroOfTheEmblem 3 days ago

    Car Salesman: slaps roof of Kirby
    "This bad boy can fit so much fucking hi in it."

  • Derp Derp 3 days ago


  • Plub 64 3 days ago


  • _DEWG Gaming_ 3 days ago

    K I L L T H E T H O T

  • PurplSplèd 3 days ago

    2:14 hey shut up, HEY SHUT UP

  • KBGMig GaMetal RULEZ!!! 3 days ago

    I had the same thing with my friends but instead of Hi it would either be me saying Greetings or one of my friends saying bonjam

  • Vortexian Nexus 3 days ago

    Let's handle the shit

  • justineatsyourfood 3 days ago

    If you ever go back and do smash bros do 6.9 extra spicy and how long it takes you

  • Boss Bowser 3 days ago

    4:02 this is worse then when you looked for fat pyra….

    I don’t wanna know where you found this ether… or how much you looked…

    (Please tell me)

  • Christopher Healy 3 days ago

    They picked up Dedede but not the chef? DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • MissCookie552 3 days ago


  • Rhys Owen 3 days ago

    Assanation classroom.

  • The 14th Doctor 3 days ago

    Mr. Game and Watch is my favorite anime character.

  • Elias Peniche Cruz 3 days ago

    It will be a miracle if chef apears again

  • ERROR 3 days ago

    I don't know what to- never mind.

  • The Blue beast 3 days ago

    Runbow is on switch now

  • ZertyTV 3 days ago

    I love this

  • Lord Doggo 3 days ago

    Goddamn Siri always ruining outros.

  • twitchy tacos 3 days ago


  • Michael J 3 days ago

    A part of me still wishes this game's system were more like Kirby 64's Copy Ability system.

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