I was prank calling people on Craigslist and a guy in Alabama recognized my voice and called back. I use a burner phone so I don’t have to block my number, otherwise people don’t answer. PLEASE SUB, COMMENT, SHARE, LIKE AND HIT THE 🛎 THANKS!!!!

happy wheels 2 demo


  • Ed Bassmaster 3 months ago

    Make sure prescribe to my channel and ring my bell for y’all can get nullified

  • dropdeadalina 3 months ago

    Guy selling the riding mower was really beginning to regret his life choices….

  • DotA Addicts Anonymous 3 months ago

    Lol wut the heck

  • Josh Chase 3 months ago

    The thumb nail reminds me of condoms lol

  • IARRCSim 3 months ago

    3:13 to 3:17 rectum units? lol It is great when he slides words like that without getting noticed.

  • Thelema 3 months ago

    Laughed my dick off at how hilarious that phone call about the drums was.

  • RockVlogs 3 months ago

    Let Me Pan It Around Cooter!!! LOL

  • Jonathan Holguin 3 months ago

    Maybe you do need that shark lmao

  • Debra David 3 months ago

    Came back by for a second dose…the drums got me…ha ha ..thanks for the highlightin my comment…try out for snl…they need you!!

  • Durrpadil 3 months ago

    I completely lost it at 3:44… this is epic on so many levels xD

  • thingyee1118 3 months ago

    Love it

  • MarvFIT 3 months ago

    Damn he’s a little hostile 6:05 lmao!

  • MarvFIT 3 months ago

    Woooooooow lmao fucking ridiculous

  • BreatheThinkDo. 3 months ago

    King of Comedy with all these skits. “I don’t know my mams tol me bout it”

  • TR7 TRIUMPH 3 months ago

    you are a 🔥 human being. Top shelf, Grade A prank calls

  • Swooper S 3 months ago

    🤣 I’m doing this today 🤣

  • Jeremy 3 months ago

    Haha Cant be late for work everyday because you sellin me a mower thats draggin. LOL

  • Brandon Gchachu 3 months ago

    I don't need no shark…I need a sewing machine

  • Aiden McLean 3 months ago

    I love Ed but am not a big fan of this character.

  • Kurtis Maynard 3 months ago

    "Youre accusing the wrong guy! I'm gonna send you a check in the mail"

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