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♦ Here it is the 5th episode of Clash of Clans Funny Moment Montage 2017. This video is a compilation of COC funniest Glitches, Fails, Wins and Trolls. I hope you enjoy this video Leave a like & subscribe this channel for more videos like that.

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • B.K ClashofClan & ClashRoyal 9 months ago

    Hey Clasher this is 5th episode of clash of clan funny moment videos. if you want to become a part of next video then send your funny moment video at [email protected]gmail.com
    0:01 Let Me Go bt Logic (Lyrics)
    0:29 Ludacris – Move BH ft. Mystrikal
    0:43 Jon Turn Down For What by DJ Snake
    1:00 Dead to ME by Sex Whales Fraxo
    1:12 Need Somebody
    1:24 Virtual Riot – Fuck Gravity
    1:44 HIDDEN MASTERS Theme
    2:09 Dr.Dre The Next Episide
    2:37 Dj Snake Lil Join – Turn DownFor What
    2:58 Kevin Macleod Movement proposition
    3:19 Gorgon City – Saving my Life
    3:29 Caye – Merry Go Round
    OUTRO Finding Happiness by Dj quads

  • Potatoman :D 9 months ago

    This video isn't funny

  • Zarar Ali 9 months ago

    Subscribed your channel coz it's nice keep it up 🙂😉👍🏻

  • ASH THE SLAYER COC 9 months ago


  • Martensson 9 months ago

    Not funny

  • EmeraldV 9 months ago

    Of course witches dont have legs xD same goes to the night witch

  • Alfa tech 9 months ago

    Aesome bro

  • Joseph Lewis 9 months ago

    the clash of clan witch don't have foot they float

  • Doge Boi 9 months ago

    Not funny

  • Dragon Gaming 9 months ago

    These aren't funny…

  • NovaAge 9 months ago

    wicth was never got foot!

  • George Parashis 9 months ago

    What is the song in goblins

  • Emmanuel Chan 9 months ago

    The witch doesnt have feet

  • 빈로이하tv 9 months ago

    ㅋㅋㅋ 강남스타일

  • Gergely Sümegi 9 months ago

    Very nice video!The musics are very very good!Pls soundtrack!Ang Good luck for your videos!

  • Junior Hegar 9 months ago

    Stupid video not funny

  • The Roblox Geek 9 months ago

    Your grammar is shit

  • Unscrewable Luck 9 months ago

    1,329 Prays for globins!

  • Sergio Macias 9 months ago


  • Sujendra Shahi 9 months ago

    Where is foot? You nuts she's a witch she levitates she ain't got no foot

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