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♦ Here it is the 18th episode of Clash of Clans Funny Moment Montage 2017. This video is a compilation of COC funniest Glitches, Fails, Wins and Trolls. I hope you enjoy this video Leave a like & subscribe this channel for more videos like that.

Outro Music – Guava juice

### Important note: I do not own any of music in this video – only use them for illustration for the ideas of video.

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♦ All background song name in comment pined by me📌
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  • B.K ClashofClan & ClashRoyal 6 months ago

    I tried to add some bollywood music in my video i hope you like it. 👉 Write your favorite music name i will add in my upcoming video. ☺️
    Songs Name 🔽🔽

    0:04 Swag se swagat tiger zinda hai☺️ bollywood
    0:22 Vanze & Reunify – Angel
    0:41 Good for you – THBD
    1:00 Rihana unbrella
    1:10 Sad violin
    1:20 Oshova – in the jungle
    1:35 Kevin MacLeod – sneaky snitch
    2:04 Elevator music – vanosos gaming background
    3:06 The chainsmokers
    3:54 outro👌 Guava juice

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  • brij kumar 6 months ago

    Can you please add the Bollywood song that is Swag se karange sabka swadat in your next video

  • CP Tutorials 6 months ago

    maja aagaya

  • Parkesh Choudhary 6 months ago

    ya bhup specially despacito

  • Reighner Esperat 6 months ago

    Yeah funny

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    Awesome editing

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    Good job i love ur vids they are funny and i bet they take awhile to edit 👍👍👍keep it up

  • Mr. gamer 6 months ago

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    Lol will you make giveaway? I am your fan

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    Awesome video bro

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