This video is about Choking Magic Prank

happy wheels 2 demo


Prank Jokes


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  • Omi Sayan 1 week ago

    fuck these girls are hot!!!

  • Player Chan Kun Meng 1 week ago

    What the freak hahahaha !!!!!!

  • Mark D'silva 1 week ago

    I subscribe ur Chanel and turn on the notification

  • Bruno Alves 1 week ago

    Eu sou e br porra

  • Blit Zenon 1 week ago

    how to do that magic things in your mouth??

  • ZEUS FC 1 week ago

    Muito massa cara, não entendo merda nenhuma do que você diz, mas seu trabalho é foda

  • FITNESS TEEN 1 week ago

    0:04s "Monsieur, ça va?" ptdr enfin des français dans tes vidéos brow!

  • assasin gamer 1 week ago

    Kan du lära ut magi

  • XxKevin ArmyxX 1 week ago

    Hey Julien its been a year ago from i request growing arm part 2 from you where it is ?

  • Synol 1 week ago

    Man, the weather there is amazing

  • Nukira [2] #TeamMyro 1 week ago

    Vive la France

  • ItzDaredevilCC 1 week ago

    I like how the old women walked away from a chocking man

  • Jadav k 1 week ago


  • Sri Sai 1 week ago

    Nice…. 👏👌👌😍😍😍😂😂

  • Sayyad Salman 1 week ago


  • TheHollowRifki 136 1 week ago

    I Like It You Julien😉

  • 세자로안토니오 1 week ago

    Amazing Bro~

  • Buble™ 1 week ago

    Mdr des français

  • Paul Did 1 week ago

    Le nom du tour ? :)

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