A lot of my videos are a parody of real life horror movies. I decided to take some of my favorite clips and create a compilation for you guys. More horror content coming this Halloween season.

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Warning: These videos are performed by trained idiots. This Channel does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received in connection with any reenactments. Joke at your own risk.

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Jay Karl's Pranks 6 months ago

    YouTube’s new algorithm HATES short videos. This made us test a new long format, and now our last video is going viral – thanks to your support! Most of our new subscribers haven’t seen our older videos. So, we’re testing the new format on older clips. Your support helps us a lot during YouTube’s ad situation and we appreciate it so much <3

  • Landen Pegram 6 months ago

    Clown pops balloon guys puts out hand says nice to meet you

  • ASTRID Garcia 6 months ago

    Clown: Pops balloon
    Guy: Puts out hand
    Guy: Nice to meet you.

  • Oliver and Adrielle Hook 6 months ago

    It was so funny when the clown didn’t scare some people!!lol😂😂

  • Art Garcia 6 months ago

    This funny just watching people get scared.

  • Tate Langdon 6 months ago

    The dude when he sees the clown and says "nice to meet you" haha I was dead 😂

  • LpsAshley Productions 6 months ago

    Ahhh!! Nice to meet you.

  • Hannah Grace Willis 6 months ago


  • TP Tallen 6 months ago

    I wouldve said the same thing to the face of death too: "What the fuck man. IM READING A GOD DAMN BOOK!"

  • Noobofroblox summon 6 months ago

    Golf man flp some many time

  • ВАНО ! pley ! 6 months ago

    мне жалко этих людей пранкеры ебаные я бы вам так врезал суки

  • Śkåmp 6 months ago

    Fakest ‘pranks’ I’ve seen on YouTube. First of all, if they were real how would you get those specific close up shots? Maybe you guys just have some insane camera or something idk I may be wrong. But my biggest thing is if it was real you wouldn’t be able to hear them so well. In like, all of these can hear these people way too clearly. They must’ve had mics on them.

  • Śkåmp 6 months ago

    These are faker than my girlfriend.

  • Oyun Ajanı 6 months ago

    It was funy

  • Priscila Medina 6 months ago

    Es cruel😑😐😢😭😨🤤🤡👹👿😈👽👽💀🤖☻😠😵

  • Samantha Castaneda 6 months ago

    This is the best video I have seen in a while

  • paintball3747 6 months ago

    faker than hell but still funny

  • iiiToxicSoulz 6 months ago

    That first one wow

  • Chief Jr The Gamer 6 months ago

    I like the Freddy Krueger scare prank!

  • Ruby Ungi 6 months ago

    That golf dude was like a god dam superhero
    Or something

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