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Another practical joke! This time we did the Bait Backpack Prank
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  • Caleb Weingartner 2 weeks ago

    I like how these people just pick up bags… for all they know it could be a bomb. So retarded.

  • MM_ DaAsiann 2 weeks ago

    You should pie them afterwards lul

  • Jack Jamison 2 weeks ago

    1:19 princess backpack πŸ˜›

  • adels Bochkara 2 weeks ago

    fucking thiefs got what they deserve πŸ˜€ humiliated πŸ˜›

  • TheBertMan Rox 2 weeks ago

    The dumbasses don't even think about a bomb just lying there.

  • PewDie Pie 2 weeks ago

    this isn't funny

  • Ben Jackson 2 weeks ago

    The people/generation stealing the backpacks will be our leaders some day :)

  • Sandrat 6241 2 weeks ago

    So dang sad that there are that many thieving POS scumbags out there.

  • Micheal Myers 2 weeks ago

    I would have took the computer out then ran, wtf.

  • GoldFish Party 2 weeks ago

    it's sad these guys didn't have any motivation to try to give the bags back they just wanted to steal them

  • deontay911 2 weeks ago

    I would've ran back and kicked them in the mouth…The fuck you doing first off stealing my shit but to run away after I call you out ??? Triggered !!!!

  • Moral Comedy 2 weeks ago


  • Unknown Unknown 2 weeks ago

    Seriously, I don't know how any of those people didn't look down at the rope.

  • Dayu Yang 2 weeks ago

    You can see the people smiling when they where about 2 trip

  • BoB n fishy 2 weeks ago

    2nd guy looked like Danny Sexbang

  • El Alcalde de Vila Pereza 2 weeks ago

    100% a man :v

  • papaszem44 2 weeks ago

    Non plus ultra

  • ben1spain 2 weeks ago

    Well done and I thought you only set them up in poor black areas.

  • jeppeloe1 2 weeks ago

    all set up…

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