AFV – Part 263

For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick synopsis.
Each episode is made up of a collection of funny video clips that are submitted by the show’s American audience. The clips’ subject matter varies, but the most common topics include babies doing cute or disgusting baby things, painful or amazing feats at sporting events, wedding disasters and, of course, getting hit in the groin. If you enjoy the show, you’ll enjoy this collection.

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Konai 8 months ago

    Best of Qatar

  • Konai 8 months ago


  • Stewart Watson 8 months ago

    1:00:27 I don't think that kid will eat ever again.

  • Stewart Watson 8 months ago


  • ZACH WIMMER 8 months ago


  • ZACH WIMMER 8 months ago

    I like little

  • Red Card 8 months ago

    20:37 OMG!!! How does that keg of beer have that much pressure built up?

  • Ajay Parihar 8 months ago

    58:23 that guy was just like me when a huge spider got on my back.

  • Abathur Gaming 8 months ago

    16:37 Poor Child Sad :(

  • Bonnie Kitty 8 months ago

    i like green beans ^^ (if you place some butter in the pan and heat it up and stir with the green beans it gets rid of the bitter taste some times)

  • Appleboy78165 8 months ago

    Martin Mull is amazing. 'Nuff said.

  • Sonicman234 8 months ago

    The 4 babies were all in unison. Like a hive mind

  • michael murillo 8 months ago

    52:39 Whinny the Pooh

  • Sensei Ji 8 months ago


  • Dan Barker 8 months ago

    I believe this is the first and only balloon appearance since Bob Saget leave the show.

  • Amoon Az 8 months ago

    omg their laughs are so fake.

  • J Quinney 8 months ago


  • Kiakahi Matsumoto 8 months ago

    The dog with the fireworks in his mouth was definitely one to remember. Everyone around was going, "Look out! Duck and cover! Duck and cover!"

  • luis pedro almeida pinto 8 months ago

    now i now why you suck so much at geographie, man u paint spain and portugal as one single cuntry!!!

  • Shannah Sterman 8 months ago

    how the hell is that kid at an hour  and 5 minutes funny ?  what a terrible screaming kid.

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