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happy wheels 2 demo


  • Eryn Sullivan 1 week ago

    16:58 I have the same kitchen chairs

  • billy bob 1 week ago

    At 19:48 he's a fuckin idiot…. knotch it then cut from back side. It will fall over nice and smooth instead of that bullshit done right there. Tree cutting 101

  • Gewi 1 week ago

    Hi Ela, I have subscrib ed to your funny videos channel, and also sent you a message. Can you take a look and reply to me whenever possible?

  • GIGGLR 1 week ago

    Bamboozled again!

  • GlobalStudio Production 1 week ago

    hai sub my okey!!!!!

  • wes barnaby 1 week ago

    well somethings were funnier than others that lock your doors with the windows down im still laughing wow when I started watching these I thought they are stupid but some are very funny iv come to believe that some of them live for this stuff and but in time when there older arthritis sets into these injuries but I don't want to be a stick in the mud as long as there haven fun I know iam its very entertaining I was a kid once but I never partook in this stuff I was to busy getting high  and I say if your not getting in trouble I say get on with it and the fact your on youtube for everyone to see I say that makes you celebrities im 50 years and havnt laughed much but I sure have laughed a bunch thank you

  • akhilesh1 Mokashi 1 week ago

    hey geromiu i think its funny

  • akhilesh1 Mokashi 1 week ago

    They are really using bad words which punishable from god

  • Easy mE 1 week ago

    i watch it like 10 times to understand that he says ,, he said lock the door''

  • Easy mE 1 week ago

    what does the guy says at 15:52 ,, he got the top and windows down'' and i dont understand after that.

  • Gabriela 1 week ago

    there are only 4 comments

    XD       LOL        OMG ONLY 4

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  • Nikofuntime 1 week ago

    We like this video! Great job! :)

  • Bellinda Gowray 1 week ago



    like it's

  • Amanda Seretean 1 week ago

    no dis likes in presive

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