From a prank involving a kid accidentally falling off a balcony to a prank captured on cctv in russia involving a kid getting bullied that led to tragedy, here are 5 Pranks That Went Way Too Far

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  • Kpop Addict 11 months ago

    the best friend one omg nooo

  • Kpop Addict 11 months ago

    the organ stealing prank was actually pretty cool

  • Kpop Addict 11 months ago

    the first one was so mean but I laughed

  • Nick Lal 11 months ago

    2nd one is messed up

  • Chat Story's 11 months ago ITS RomanAtWood I think that's how you spell it lol

  • McKenna LaBelle 11 months ago

    The guy who said "he's everything I have" Is Sam from Sam and Colby

  • Diego Guevara 11 months ago

    People are morons

  • The execution one was just fucking sick.

  • Jason Mohr 11 months ago

    Damn i thought I went too far when I "incredible hulked" my roommate! This shit is bananas

  • FlareBlitzGaming 11 months ago

    On the organ theft prank I literally cried for the guy when he was in the tub, that must have been so traumatizing and the guy who did it is very very sick

  • Shadow one 11 months ago

    I would of crushed their esougis whatever if I was their parents little assholes

  • Danilicious12 - Minecraft & More 11 months ago

    Roman and Brittney aren't Married, so they are Boyfriend and girlfriend still.

  • Number 1 everyone in that class room should be charged with murder

  • ZerOne Games 11 months ago

    From the chainsaw prank we know why women always get targeted for crimes, they only scream and forgot how to run.

  • Jake Homys 11 months ago

    Call the police!!!!! pranks are way too bad!!! WTF poor other people

  • SosaKidE 11 months ago

    i laughed hard on the first one

  • Zacharia Herron 11 months ago

    The first one is roman atwood

  • Hardev Sra 11 months ago

    Not very wise to got to this extent just for views. Someone could get a heart attack.

  • BrickFilmerPower 11 months ago

    The organ prank is disturbing but not too far. The prankster was pranked on suicide, which is really messed up

  • MrGhostkiwo 11 months ago

    so i guess bulling some one is now a "prank" K then

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