This video is a compilation of 5 pranks I posted a few weeks ago, They’re loads of fun to pull off so try them out! Please continue supporting my channel, Subscribe for more!

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happy wheels 2 demo


  • William Alexander 10 months ago

    get a cantanor first barrie the measureing cup then freeze it #prank

  • The Emerald gamer 10 months ago

    2:33 I can't do that to a bunny plush

  • Ryhan Legano 10 months ago


  • CAILEYGAMING/DIYS Ya 10 months ago

    omg I have the same exact dish washer Lol😂😂😂😝

  • TheHeroBrine 69 10 months ago

    My dad has the exact same lunch box for work

  • Melissa Graley 10 months ago

    do you wear the mask everywhere you go just in case someone recognizes your voice ?

  • Isaac Ana 10 months ago

    I mean nextraker

  • Isaac Ana 10 months ago

    Try this mustard prank remove the mustard and put water or hotsause

  • skytroll Gaming 10 months ago

    play NEX and prank the shit out of themmmm

  • CraftMaster38003 10 months ago

    lol da bunny murdur

  • Kappa Kid 10 months ago


  • lpsunder miners 10 months ago

    3:02 thats what the bunny said

  • videoslash replay 10 months ago

    ill try it on my brother thanks nex

  • Marie Concepcion Sanchez 10 months ago

    I gonna try the last one

  • Stoodpid gamer 10 months ago

    lol kermit is a prankster

  • Chocolate Panda 10 months ago

    Why am I watching a masked guy kill a stuffed animal bunny? ._.

  • Chloe's Creation Corner 10 months ago


  • Marwan 2525 10 months ago

    Where are u from nex

  • Joel The captin 10 months ago

    I did that to my friend and he GOT SCARED

  • 2:28 You know whhat I'm thinking? 😝😝😖😖

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