Scared witless. All these poor fools are terrified out of peaceful dream states with the rudest of awakenings. Check out the Most …

happy wheels 2 demo


  • IDowney1988 1 year ago

    Scary Maze Game used Scary Face.  It did not affect IDowney1988!

  • พี่กฤษฎิ์ เคอาไอที 1 year ago

    0:01 scary whats wrong

  • Win2KFan 1 year ago

    Lol, this was uploaded for the first time in 2008, but the original user (crypticAFV)'s video got deleted a long time ago.

  • Annabel T 1 year ago

    That screamer freaked me out!!

  • OperatorHonored 1 year ago

    0:27 why hit the screen?

  • Huntress Jumper 1 year ago

    Look up at the screen and not the comments little babies :3

  • Cryptic 1 year ago

    Copied vids will be flagged.

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